Twin Screw Mixer

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Proportional/Differential Mixer For
Rudderless Twin Screw Craft

RC Mixer Module



  1. Programmable Proportion and Differential Mix
  2. Programmed by Jumper Selectors on Power-Up
  3. SMT Design (Not socketed IC's)
  4. 300mm Tails (150mm + 150mm)
  5. Plugs inline between Receiver and ESC's
  6. Current Draw 4.2mA.
  7. Small 20mm x 18mm footprint.
  8. Ultra Lightweight. Only 5.4g!
  9. Simple Safe 'Plug and Play' installation

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Another versatile addition to our ever growing product range born from a client request we offer by popular demand this Fully programmable, Proportional, Differential Mixing Module specifically designed for Rudderless Twin Screw vessels. A Hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT), professionally designed all British module.

Top Quality components only are used in the production of these modules guaranteeing you many years of useful service (providing you do not abuse it!)

The module plugs directly inline with the Forward/Up Reverse/Down Control Channel and the Left/Port and Right/Starboard Channels of your RC Receiver. The Outputs plug directly into the Port and Starboard ESC's or Control Surface Servos.

The module comes with an extensive user guide (downloadable from the link above) with a comprehensive troubleshooting guide in such an event.

The video above demonstrates the performance and manoeuvrability
of an 850mm Twin Screw Rudderless Catamaran.

Depending on the Mix Ratio selected, both Motors or Control Surface Servos will advance or retard in unison, but when Stick Left or Right is applied, the corresponding Motor or Servo, backs off or runs reverse while it's opposite increases in speed until eventually one is running fully forward while the other runs fully reverse.

The mix ratio is fully proportional over the full channel sweep in either direction.

With Plug only connections this has to be one of the most easiest to install and most versatile dedicated modules we have specifically designed and manufactured.

Mr. Mattock used the Mixer in the above project.
His recommendation is to program the Mix Ratio at 100%
last updated 24/3/16
Weight (inc. packing) 38 g

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