RELAY Power Switch (BS/1)

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  • Stable and Shock Proof Design
  • Connector Lead Length 150mm
  • Operating Current 40mA
  • Quiescent (Standby) 2.8mA
  • Contact Rating (Max)10A DC
  • Contact Voltage Max 250V AC
  • Weight : 16g
  • Sealed Contacts (Waterproof)
  • Adjustable and Reversible Switch Point
  • Active On 1720uSec (Factory Default Setting)
  • On/Off Bandwidth 50uSec
  • Operation Voltage : 4.8v - 11.2v
  • Dimensions 40.7mm x 51,7mm x 17.9mm

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Identical in circuit design to our very popular RC Switched Relay, we offer by popular demand a Solderless version of the same hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT), professionally designed all British module. Robust in construction and far superior to conventional designs sold elsewhere.

Despite claims by others, Omron and Songle Relays carry a guaranteed life of 10, 000,000 (10 million) switching operations. In reality, if it was operated 20 times per day, ever day, it will last a staggering 57 years.

The module is an electronically operated ‘glitch free’ remote control Relay which is powered and switched on and off from a switchable channel on your RC receiver. Solderless connections allow you to secure your leads to Common, (COM) Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) terminals of the relay.

A signal LED illuminates when the circuit is activated with a valid decoded signal from your receiver, visible through the clear protective shroud.

The module switching circuitry is constructed with high specification RoHS approved components, to a proven circuit design and professionally hand constructed from computer aided Design (CAD) Artwork.

The circuitry is protected by a transparent Shroud (similar to that shown in the images)

The switching module plugs directly into a switched channel on your receiver and when the module is switched on, the current draw is approximately 40mA with 2.8mA in quiescent state.

You can also use a spare proportional channel (Joystick) which will switch on the Module when the stick reaches 50% or more travel.

Weight (inc. packing) 31 g

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