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Please be advised that this module is unsuitable for use with Johnson 540 & 600 type Drill/Screwdriver Motors as sold on auction websites.

Please read the review ‘Bad 540 Motors’ on Model Boat Mayhem
( Electric Motors – Fast Motors – Bad 540 Motors) for further details


  1. Features include:-
    1. 'FiST' Soft Start Technology
    2. Fully Controllable form Stop to Full Power.
    3. Full Power Control in both Forward and Reverse
    4. SMT Design (Not socketed IC's)
    5. Handles Motor loads ut to 12A
    6. Built in Activity Status LED
    7. Receiver Current Draw 18mA engaged. 2.8mA in quiescent state.
    8. Small 35mm x 18mm footprint.
    9. Ultra Lightweight. Only 10g!

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Based on MOSFET Power Control Technology, we offer by popular demand a fully variable Brushed Motor Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) specifically designed for RC Bait Boats,Model Tug Boats and Hi Capacity Bow Thrusters.

This is a hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT), professionally designed all British module,built with top quality RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) high specification components.

The module is an electronically Radio Controlled (RC) Solid State MOSFET Power Controller and Reversing Relay, controlled from a Rotary Knob or Stick Channel on your RC Transmitter and Receiver.

The circuit independently switches Direct Current (DC) power from a separate supply over a pair of Supply and Load SOLDERLESS connectors ready for you to plug in and connect up to your Project.

Top Quality MOSFET's (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors) only are used in the production of these modules guaranteeing you many years of useful service (providing you do not abuse it!)

The module plugs directly into a control channel on your RC Receiver and when installed draws approximately 8mA in active state and 2.8mA in quiescent state.

A Status LED clearly visible through protective shroud gives you a function indication on start-up,and an inbuilt soft-start feature ensures that the load cannot be inadvertently switched fully on at start up. (F.i.S.T.)

F.i.S.T. Finger Safety
The Module incorporates Finger Safety Soft Start Technology which means that the module will not initialise unless it sees a ‘Centre Stick’ (Dead Stick) signal for 10 to 15 Seconds from Start-Up. This Built in Safety Feature prevents you from accidentally running up your Propeller in full or partial power from Start-Up and rattling your fingers or other parts of you anatomy!

With Plug and Solderless connections this has to be one of the most easiest to install and most versatile dedicated modules we have specifically manufactured for Scale Model Power Control.

Weight (inc. packing) 18 g

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