Solderless 'Nano' Switch

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MOSFET Nano Switch



  1. Solderless Connections
  2. Onboard Operational Regulator. Can be powered from 11.2v RX LiPo Systems.
  3. MOSFET can handle loads up to a massive 21A at 30v
  4. SMT Design (Non socketed Components)
  5. Shake-proof, Vibration-proof Crash-proof Construction
  6. Controlled by Rotary Knob, Stick or Toggle Switch on your Transmitter
  7. Standard 3 Wire Futaba Connection
  8. Receiver Current Draw 4mA engaged, 21uA in quiescent state
  9. Tiny 20mm x 18mm footprint
  10. Ultra Lightweight. Only 4.2g

Introducing one of the most smallest, powerful and versatile RC Switches in RC Power Control equipment, this 'nano' sized hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT)module identical in function to our very popular MOSFET RC switch, but packing a whopping 21A current capacity MOSFET at lest than half the physical size and weight of its predecessor.

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The module is an electronically operated remote control Solid State MOSFET Power switch which is controlled, powered and switched from a Rotary Knob, Stick or Switch Channel on your RC Transmitter/Receiver System.

The circuit independently switches Direct Current (DC) power from a separate supply over a pair of Supply and Load SOLDERLESS connectors ready for you to plug in and connect up to your application.

The on-board LED output indicates the switch status (On or Off) combined with our latest ver. 3.1 signal integrity firmware which gives an instant indication of the RC signal strength, presence and quality.

The same LED gives a 3 flash output on power up to indicate all is well and ready to do some serious work!

Top Quality MOSFET's (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) only are used in the production of these modules guaranteeing you many years of useful service (providing you do not abuse it!)

The switching module plugs directly into a switched or control channel on your receiver and when installed draws approximately 4mA when in active state and 21uA (micro Amperes) in quiescent state.

A High Power, Low cost 'No Frills' ON/OFF Switch

Weight (inc. packing) 16 g

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