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For Use with Standard PWM/PPM Radio Control Systems ONLY.

Specifically for Model applications, Marine, Heli-Winch, Sky-Lift etc. adding a touch of realism to any project.

Another quality product from the same stable as our very successful RC Control Products, we introduce our very latest innovative design in signal and switching control technology. A 'nano' sized hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT) all British made module specifically designed for On/Off and speed control of our Motor/Gearbox Assembly.

This Module allows you to control the Motor Gearbox On/Off Forward and Reverse at a pre-set speed between 34RPM to 150RPM from a spare RC Stick or Rotary Knob Channel.

Available as a kit with a saving when purchased together.

Features include:-

  1. Plug and Go Connections
  2. SMT Design (No Socketed Components)
  3. Shake-proof Vibration-proof Crash-proof Construction
  4. Standard 3 Wire Futaba Connection (PWM/PPM)
  5. Built-In Activity Indicator
  6. Receiver Current Draw 42mA (Including Motor Load)
  7. Small 27mm x 13mm footprint
  8. Sealed Contacts (Waterproof)
  9. Relay Contact Material - Palladium-Ruthenium; Gold Plated
  10. Relay Operating Life 108 ops
  11. Maximum 300mA (1/3A) Rating
  12. Ultra Lightweight - Only 3.7g (Controller)
  13. Built In Anti-Glitch 3.03 Firmware

This handmade, professionally designed all British module is based upon similar RC Switching and power control Modules we have on sale here. The module is a solid-state (all electronic) Controller which is powered and switched from a switch-able channel on your RC receiver.

Download the Product Information Sheets

Motor/Gearbox Specifications :-

  1. Operating voltage 1 to 5 volts
  2. Gearbox ratio 27:1
  3. Shaft diameter 2mm
  4. Approximately 36 RPM on 1.5 volts
  5. Small 27mm x 13mm footprint
  6. 47mA @ 1.5v Rating
  7. Weight - 37g
  8. Wiring Tails 150mm

The Motor Gearbox can be used with either the Radar Motor Controller or Winch Drive Controller, or it can be driven directly from a 1.5v battery.

The Motor Gearbox is a low voltage motor and gearbox assembly which will run in either direction by reversing the wiring from a single cell 1.5 'AA' or 'AAA' battery or with our designated modules which is powered and switched from your Radio Control Receiver.

The gearbox is manufactured with clean mesh nylon spur gears having a 27:1 reduction ratio which provides a smooth constant sweep ideally suited to a Model Winch, Lifeboat Derrick or Hoist, almost silent in operation.

Weight (inc. packing) 35 g

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