Latching Navigation Lighting Kit

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  • Available with 'plug and play' sockets
  • Port and Starboard (Red/Green) Navigation Lights
  • Available in 3 LED Sizes
  • Powered entirely from your Rx Circuit
  • 500mm (19.72") LED Tails
  • 150mm Supply Tail
  • Option Port able to control up to 800mA
  • Signal Pass-Through on Option Port
  • Small 22mm x 18mm footprint (standard version)
  • Ultra Lightweight. Only 8.3g!
  • Simple Safe 'Plug and Play' installation
  • Now with enhanced 3.1 upgrade firmware
  • SMT Design (Not socketed Components)
  • Shake-proof and Vibration-proof Crash-proof Construction
  • Ultra low profile only 5.4mm wide
  • Controlled by Rotary Knob or Stick on your Transmitter
  • Standard 3 Wire Futaba RC Connection

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Ideally suited to RC Model Aircraft, but can be used across the full RC Model spectrum providing you with the ability to switch On and Off on-board lighting with a Stick Channel.

This hand made, professionally designed all British module is based upon other Radio Controlled Navigation Light Modules we have on sale. The module is a solid-state (all electronic)

Remote Control Switch which is powered and switched on and off from a switched channel on your RC receiver.

The on-board LED output indicates the switch status (On or Off) combined with our latest ver. 3.1 signal integrity firmware which gives an instant indication of the RC signal strength, presence and quality. The same LED gives a 3 flash output on power up to indicate all is well and ready to do some serious work!

This module differs to other Switching modules in so much as it has a latching function which is ideally suited to 'Stick' channels. The Switch component 'Turns On' with a single Stick' or Rotary Switch Action, and remains on until the same action is repeated. To visualise this, consider a bathroom Pull-Switch, Pull once, Light On. Pull again, Lights Off. With this switch it will turn on the Lights when the stick reaches 40% or more of forward travel.

The easiest way to understand the functions of this unique versatile module is to watch the video below.

Latching Switch Function Video

Under Test
END View

What they look like in the Dark.

Weight (inc. packing) 18 g
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