Marine Foghorn Sound Generator

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Foghorn Sound Generator




  • Voltage 4.4v - 11.8V
  • Current Draw (Active) 70mA

Foghorn Sounds available are:

Download the Product Information Sheets here

    • Twin Air Horn Small Dock and Harbour Vessels
    • Liner/Large Cargo Vessels
    • Ark Royal/QE2

(Demo Recordings can be played from the media players below)

Introducing our latest product in Radio Controlled Model Sound Generators, this remarkable innovative Module reproduces an original recording and 'Real Time Playback' giving you the unique 'Twin Blast' Marine Ship Foghorn familiar to Sea Going Tugboats, Large Ships, Naval Vessels, Customs Cutters, Trawlers, Pilot Boats, Lifeboats and Search and Rescue Vessels.

The module can be switched On and will play once from either a switched Receiver Channel or from the Forward Throttle Joystick using a 'Y' Splitter Lead in tandem with your Motor ESC (available from our accessories)

The Sound Output can be varied in Playback Speed with the on-board preset allowing you make the change the Module Output tempo/Pitch. fine tuning the output to your desired sound effect.

This is a hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT), professionally designed all British module, built with top quality RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) high specification components.


The Sound Output is from a 68mm Ø ¼W conventional 8ohm loudspeaker which we have found reproduces the correct sound qualities with the minimum of harmonic distortion.

An Onboard Flashing Status LED visible through the clear protective shroud gives you a functionality indication when the module is running,

The module plugs directly into a control channel on your RC Receiver and when installed draws approximately 70mA in active state and 1.4mA in quiescent state

Together with a multitude of Single Play Fog Horn, Siren, Whistle, Klaxon and Hooter Sounds.

Custom Sound Projects with Playback Sounds from your Royalty Free MP3 or WAV file can be programmed at no extra cost. Please contact us for full details.

If you are the owner of this magnificent work, or you know who the owner is, kindly ask them to
contact us where we can accredit you properly. Sadly the passage of time and a major
system failure has caused us to loose your details.

Foghorn Sound Module

Foghorn Image


Demo sounds have a security tone over-stamp

** A live recording of the Carnival Legend Entering the Venice MOSI Breakwater Project in Fog March 2013

Testimonial from Mr David Wagner, Powder Springs, Georgia, United States - 27/09/2015

Meanie C Tugboat - Click for larger image

"Scratch built tug has your (Mr RC World's) switches and sound on it. 48" - 33 1/2 pounds - 6 channel RC"

Weight (inc. packing) 45 g

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