RC 4A & 10A Latching Relay Switch

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For Use in PWM/PPM Radio Control Modelling Applications Where a MOSFET Switch is impractical.

"A latching switch is a switch that maintains its state after being activated. A push to make, push to break switch would therefore be a latching switch because each time you act on it, whatever state you leave it in it will maintain until acted on again. To visualise this, consider a Bathroom Pull-Cord Light Switch. Pulling the Cord once switches the Light on, the light remains on until the Cord is Pulled again, turning the Light off".

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Introducing one of the most smallest, and most versatile RC Switches in RC Power Control equipment, this 'nano' sized hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT) module almost identical in function to our very popular MOSFET RC switch, but giving you a pair of 'Voltage Free' 'Clean Pair' contacts in both Normally Open (N.O.) and Normally Closed (N.C.) positions..

An on-board LED output indicates the switch status (On or Off) combined with our latest ver. 3.1 signal integrity firmware which gives an instant indication of the RC signal strength, presence and quality. The same LED gives a 3 flash output on power up to indicate all is well and ready to do some serious work!


  • Stable and Shock Proof Design
  • Connector Lead Length 150mm (Min)
  • Operating Current 6mA
  • Quiescent (Standby) 28uA
  • Contact Rating (Max) 4A DC
  • Contact Voltage Max 250V AC
  • Contact Material - Palladium-Ruthenium; Gold Plated
  • Weight 7g
  • Sealed Contacts (Waterproof)
  • Relay Operating Life 108 ops
  • Active On 1680uS (Nominal)
  • On/Off Bandwidth 50uS
  • Operation Voltage 4.8 - 11.4Volts
  • Dimensions 12.7mm x 14,7mm

Weight (inc. packing) 18 g
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