LED Bait Boat Lighting Dimmer

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Bait Boat LED Lighting Dimmer


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For Use with Standard PWM/PPM Radio Control Systems ONLY.

Specifically for Bait Boat LED Lighting Sets and Marine Model applications where LED Lighting Control is required.

Yet another NEW quality product from the same stable as our very successful RC Control Products, we introduce our very latest innovative design in LED Lighting Switching and Control Technology. A hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT) all British made module specifically designed for Bait Boat Lighting Sets and Model Lighting Control.

This Module allows you to control the lighting intensity of an LED lighting set using a stick or switch channel on your RC Transmitter. In the video demonstration below the LED Lights are cycled through four preset light levels using a Stick/Switch or Rotary Knob Channel.

  • Position 1. 10% intensity
  • Position 2. 25%
  • Position 3. 50%
  • Position 4. 100%
  • Position 5. All Off

The module has a last position memory retention ability which as suggested remembers the last position you selected even through a full Power On/Off cycle preventing an accidental unexpected light up while trying to maintain a stealthy low light presence in the environment.

This handmade, professionally designed all British module is based upon similar RC Switching and power control Modules we have for sale here. The module is a solid-state (all electronic) Controller which is powered and switched from a 'Stick' or Switch channel on your RC Transmitter/Receiver.

Power for the Module and your LED's is derived from your Receiver Circuit. If you are using standard LED's you will need to use limiting resistors for each LED. (Please see the Product Information Sheet download)

****Please Note**** LED's are NOT supplied with this.

Features include:-

  1. Plug and Go Connections
  2. SMT Design (No Socketed Components)
  3. Shakeproof Vibrationproof Crashproof Construction
  4. Standard 3 Wire Futaba Connection (PWM/PPM)
  5. Built-In Activity Indicator
  6. Receiver Current Draw 12mA (Not Including Your LED Set)
  7. Small 30mm x 18mm footprint
  8. Maximum 1200mA (1.2A) Supply
  9. Lightweight - Only 9.7g (Controller)
  10. Built In Anti-Glitch 3.03 Firmware

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Weight (inc. packing) 14 g

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