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For Use with Standard PWM/PPM Radio Control Systems. ONLY (Run-on Power-Up version available on request).

Specifically for Radio Controlled Model Model Cars and Trucks, adding a touch of realism to your project.

Another quality product from the same stable as our very successful RC Strobe Lighting Products, we introduce our very latest innovative design in RC Lighting Control Technology. This is a hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT) all British made module specifically designed for realistic RC Vehicle applications.

We have used a purpose designed Power Diversity Algorithm in the firmware to minimise the current load. Consequently the kit uses a derisory maximum current loading of 64mA (0.084Ah) at any given time.

The module is powered and activated from an auxiliary channel on your receiver and allows you to mimic Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Lighting patterns using Hi-Intensity LED's which are driven from a microprocessor which has been programmed with 16 different lighting patterns. In use you would select the desired pattern with the miniature switches. The pattern you select will then run when the channel is switched On.

If you do not have a spare channel, you can install it onto the traction channel using a ‘Y’ Splitter to where they will be activated whenever the vehicle is driven forward.

Features include:-

  1. Plug and Go Connections
  2. SMT Design (No Socketed Components)
  3. Shake-proof Vibration-proof Crash-proof Construction
  4. Standard 3 Wire Futaba Connection (PWM/PPM)
  5. Receiver Current Draw 64mA (Nominal)
  6. Built In Anti-Glitch 3.03 Firmware
  7. Ultra Lightweight Design 4.7g (Controller)

The kit arrives with four (4) 5mm ' Hi-intensity 20,000 Mcd White Strobe LED's and two (2) 5mm 10,000Mcd Red Tail Lights.

All LED’s are connected to 305mm (12.00” ) long Kynar silver plated oxygen free, high conductivity single core microfine fly leads 0.387mm in diameter.

Each LED is colour coded with a corresponding line colour. Longer Leads and different LED sizes and colours are available at a small additional sum. Please contact us for prices.

The Kit is also available in Run-On-Power-Up Mode which will display the selected lighting pattern whenever the module is powered up. (available upon order)

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Lighting Pattern Selector

The Lighting Pattern is selected by an ancient counting method called ‘Binary. This code is selected on four ultra- miniature switches called a ‘DIP’ Switch. The Lighting Pattern and corresponding code is presented on the chart below.


  1. Two by Two 'WIG-WAG' Strobes Standard
  2. Outside to Inside Strobes Standard
  3. Outer Strobe and Inner Wig – Wag
  4. Random
  5. Cross Shimmer
  6. Criss - Cross
  7. Rolling Strobes
  8. Shimmie
  9. Wave Runner
  10. Fast 'WIG-WAG'
  11. Fast Outside - Inside
  12. Wave
  13. Cyclic Flow
  14. 4 Channel Knight Rider ‘KIT’
  15. 6 Channel Knight Rider ‘KIT’
  16. Deep Shimmer

Weight (inc. packing) 12 g

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