Adjustable MOSFET Power Switch

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Adjustable MOSFET Switch



SOLDERLESS 'ADJUSTABLE' Switch Point RC MOSFET Switching Module for Large Lights,
Smoke, Fuel Cut-Off and inboard Glow Plugs on Model Aircraft, Boats and Cars


  • Massive 21Amp at 20V switching capacity.
  • Reversible Switching Option.
  • Adjustable Switching Point via an On-board Preset.
  • Positive Switching - No Glitches.
  • Robust 'Crash-Proof' Construction.
  • SMT Design (Not socketed I'C's).
  • Built in ON/OFF Status LED
  • Receiver Current Draw 16mA engaged. 28uA in quiescent state.
  • Small 35mm x 18mm footprint.
  • Ultra Lightweight. Only 10g!

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  • Large Lighting Circuits for Giant Aircraft
  • Inboard Glow Plug Switch for Nitro driven Aircraft
  • Smoke ignition Circuits for Aircraft
  • Adjustable Camera Switch for Aerial Photographs
  • Smoke Generators on Boats
  • Boat Lighting Schemes using ''Grain of Wheat' Lamps
  • Boat Water Pump Control
  • Animated Crew Control
This is a hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT), professionally designed all
British module,
built with top quality RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive)
high specification components.
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Almost identical in circuit design, identical in performance to our very popular MOSFET RC switch, we offer by popular demand a SOLDERLESS 'ADJUSTABLE REVERSIBLE' version of the same. Hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT), professionally designed all British module. Robust enough to survive 'Write Off Shoot Downs etc' and far superior to conventional designs.

The module is an electronically operated remote control Solid State MOSFET switch which is powered and switched on and off from a switched channel on your RC receiver. The 'Reversed Option Selector' is a very useful option which will allow you to select from either normal ON/OFF Mode, or reversed OFF/ON Mode. Or when using a 'Stick' or 'Rotary Knob' Channel, allow you to use two or more switches on the same channel.

An adjustable switching point allows you to select what position on a stick/rotary knob channel you want the switch to operate the load. With this feature using a 'Y' Splitter you can use two or more switches on the same channel to switch ON/OFF at different positions of your Transmitter Stick/Rotary Knob.

The circuit independently switches Direct Current (DC) power from a separate supply over a pair of Supply and Load SOLDERLESS connectors ready for you to plug in and connect up to your project.

Top Quality MOSFET's (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) only are used in the production of these modules guaranteeing you very many years of useful service (providing you do not abuse it!)

The switching module plugs directly into a switched or control channel on your receiver and when installed draws approximately 14mA when in active state and 1.8mA in quiescent state. An SMT Status LED clearly visible through the protective shroud gives you an absolute ON or OFF function indication.

Weight (inc. packing) 26 g

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