Gas Burner Controller

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Introducing our latest product in Radio Controlled Products and Devices, this innovative Module efficiently gives you complete control for the Gas Burner Valve. For use on either a Stick Channel or Switch Channel. Timer option versions the Channel Stick/Switch is activated by a momentary On Then Off of the Transmitter Channel which opens the Gas Valve but then remains open for the Burn Time of 5 or 10 Seconds.

The ultra lightweight module (1.21g) is manufactured on a 1mm FRG PCB substrate using 0603 full specification components. Built by hand to RHoS UK/EU standards.

Available in three distinctive flavours.

a. Standard On/Off - Switch On/Switch Off

b. 5 Second Burner Time - Switch On Timed Switch Off after 5 Seconds
c. 10 Seconds Burn Time - Switch On Timed Switch Off after 10 Seconds


  1. 2.2A protected output
  2. Ultra Lightweight SMD (Surface Mount Device) Fabrication
  3. S/S Frg1 Ultra Lightweight PCB
  4. Full Specification Rohs Components
  5. Total overall weight 1.21g

RC Lead 150mm

Weight 1.21g
Voltage 6.1v - 13.8V
Current Draw 27mA Nom 9mA Quiescent
Dimensions 20mm x 7mm x 1mm

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This is a hand crafted Surface Mount Technology (SMT), professionally designed all British module, built with top quality RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) high specification components.RoHS Logo Vector Download

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