Beacon and Strobe Lighting Kit

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  1. Single Channel Switchable
  2. 3 Simulated Xeon Stobe Lights
  3. 1 Simulated Rotating Beacon
  4. 1 Red Simulated Beacon/Additional Strobe
  5. Available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm
  6. Powered entirely from your Receiver Circuit
  7. 400mm (15.74") Wirng Tails
  8. 150mm Supply Tail
  9. Small 25mm x 18mm foot print.
  10. Ultra Lightweight. Only 8.3g

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Another hand made, professionally designed all British module based upon other RC Switching Modules we have on sale here. The module is a microprocessor based sequencer design powered and controlled from your Remote Control Receiver.

The kit arrives with three (3) 3mm 'Top Hat' Wide Angle Hi-intensity 20,000 Mcd Strobe Beacons, pulsed at .05mS and two (2) 3mm 'Top Hat' Wide Angle Hi-intensity 10.000Mcd Red Beacon Lights, One Pulsed as a strobe, the other pulsed as a Belly Beacon. (Underside Rotating Beacon)

The module has a spare port for another Belly Beacon (Civil 747) and the pulsed switching circuits will drive about 5 or 10 more Strobes without any problems.

All LED’s are connected to 400mm (15.74” ) long Kynar silver plated oxygen free, high conductivity single core microfine fly leads 0.387mm in diameter, which will need to be soldered to the module after installation.

Basic soldering skills are essential to connect the fly leads to the Switch Module when it is installed into your model however, if soldering is not one of your better skills, we can supply the wiring pre-connected and ready to install at no additional cost.

Each Light (LED) is colour coordinate to ease installation. Red Strobe and Beacons are Red/Black, Strobes are White/Black. The Blacks are common and connected to the same terminal on the module.

The module plugs directly into an unused channel on your receiver and with all the LED’s installed the current draw is approximately 48mA (This will increase if you install more LED's)

The entire lighting kit weighs in at a very lean 8.3g

Longer fly leads, can be supplied at a small addition cost if required.

Please contact us first.

Weight (inc. packing) 18 g
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