180° Servo Expander (Stretcher)

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Yet another handmade, professionally designed British module. The Servo Extender converts a standard Futaba/GWS Hitec Servo into a 180° slow sweep servo ideally suited to RC 'Tip-to-Tip' Camera applications or other applications where a 180° swing is required. (Sometimes called a Servo Stretcher)

Has been successfully used with a 13Kg/Cm Power Servo as a Bait Boat Hopper Tip Controller.

An extension from our very popular Modified Servo Range, to where we have taken the microprocessor firmware used in the modification and made this very useful module.

The on-board LED and our version 3.1 signal integrity firmware gives an instant indication of RC signal strength, presence and quality.

  • For Use with Standard PWM/PPM Radio Control Servo.
  • 'Plug & Go' Module Converts a Standard Futaba GWS/Hitec Servo into a 180° 'Tip - Tip' Slow Sweep Movement.
  • Can be used with any other application where 180° of servo movement is required.
  • Complete Plug and Go, No adjustments or Setup Required.

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      • Camera Mount
      • Robotics
      • Bait Boat Hopper Control

Features include:-

    1. Plug and Go Connections
    2. Uses any Standard Serviceable Service
    3. SMT Design (Not Socketed Components)
    4. Shake-proof Vibration-proof Crash-proof Construction
    5. Standard 3 Wire Futaba Connection (PWM)
    6. Built-In Lost Signal Indicator
    7. Receiver Current Draw 11µA
    8. Built In Anti-Glitch Firmware
    9. Small 23mm x 12mm footprint
    10. Lightweight - Only 4.7g

Weight (inc. packing) 18 g

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