Programmable Gas Burner Controller

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Another of our latest products for this year in Radio Controlled Products and Devices, this innovative Module efficiently gives you a programmable burn time for the Gas Burner Valve. Normal operation with either a Stick Channel or Switch Channel. The Timer is activated by a momentary On Then Off Off the Transmitter Channel. This opens the Gas Valve and remains open for the Preset Burn Time.

If the Channel is held on, the Gas Valve will be open until the channel is closed and the preset time has expired. The timer is programmable with the on-board pressel switch. A series of LED activation's displays and sets the desired burn time. This burn time is stored on the microprocessor indefinitely, even through a power down or until a new burn time is programmed in.

The ultra lightweight module (1.31g) is manufactured on a 1mm FRG PCB substrate using 0603 full specification components. Built by hand to RHoS UK/EU standards.

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Available in three distinctive flavours.

a. Programmable 1/2 Second Steps to 5 Seconds
b. Programmable 1 Second Steps to 10 Seconds
b. Programmable 2 Second Steps to 20 Seconds
c. Programmable 3 Second Steps to 30 Seconds


  1. 4.2A protected output
  2. Ultra Lightweight SMD (Surface Mount Device) Fabrication
  3. S/S Frg1 Ultra Lightweight PCB
  4. Full Specification Rohs Components
  5. Total overall weight 1.31g

RC Lead 150mm

Weight 1.21g
Voltage 6.1v - 13.8V
Current Draw 27mA Nom 9mA Quiescent

Dimensions 25mm x 12mm x 1mm

Categories: Hot Air Ballooning

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